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Breast procedures are surgical cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the appearance of the breast area. Each breast procedure caters to specific goals or concerns of the patient regarding their breasts. At My Plastic Surgery Group, we provide different breast procedures to Carmel and Indianapolis patients.

What Are Breast Procedures?

Just like with any other parts of the body, people are concerned with their breast aesthetics. Some people are concerned about the symmetry of their breasts, while others are concerned about the shape of their breasts. Some people are looking to decrease their breast size, while others are looking to improve it. Breast procedures deal with these concerns.
Breast procedures allow people to improve the shape and symmetry, as well as increase or decrease the size, of their breasts. These procedures help people achieve their ideal breast aesthetics.

Different Types of Breast Procedures

There are many types of breast procedures available in the cosmetic industry. All of these procedures are developed to meet the specific needs of the patient. Here are the different breast procedures we are offering at My Plastic Surgery Group:

Breast Augmentation

This procedure usually involves breast implants or fat graft transfer. The main goal of breast augmentation surgery is to enhance the size of the breast. This is a common breast procedure option for women with smaller breast sizes. Patients with symmetry issues also choose this breast surgery.

Breast Lift

This breast procedure is performed mainly to change the shape of the breast. Women with saggy breasts and downward-pointing nipples can consider breast lift procedures to help correct their breast issues. A breast lift surgery does not change the size of the breast.

Breast Reduction

This breast surgery aims to reduce breast size. Women with larger breasts who want to reduce their breast size to ease the discomfort and suit their aesthetics can get breast reduction surgery. This allows women to take part in physical activities without being hindered by their breasts.


This breast surgery is designed for men who have developed saggy breasts and stretched areolae due to excess fat, glandular breast tissue, or skin; hormonal changes; heredity; or drug use. Men with overdeveloped or enlarged breasts can consider gynecomastia to have a more masculine chest area.

When to Consider Breast Procedures

Patients dissatisfied with their breasts can consider breast procedures. Patients with good overall health and no post-surgery healing issues are excellent candidates for breast procedures. Candidates have a fully matured body and relatively stable body weight. Patients with realistic goals and a willingness to commit to the recovery process are ideal candidates for breast procedures.

Your Consultation

Your consultation will be handled by one of our surgeons. You can raise your concerns regarding your breast area. A physical examination will be conducted, and an evaluation of your medical records will be performed. Your surgeon will carefully design a surgical plan based on the suitable breast procedure.
The surgical plan will be properly explained to you. The expert will discuss the preparation, surgery, recovery, and cost with you. You will also see photos of the potential results of the surgical plan. All questions you may raise will be answered before consulting with you about the schedule of your surgery.

The Procedure

Breast procedures can last a few hours depending on the chosen procedure. Anesthesia will be used to prepare the patient for the surgery. Incisions will be made in the target area, and then the chosen breast procedure will be performed. The incisions will be closed using sutures after surgery. The breast area will be bandaged, and a small tube may be inserted to drain fluids while healing.

The Recovery Process

The patient can go home after the condition has stabilized. Bruising, swelling, and discomfort may be experienced during the recovery process. Instructions and prescriptions will be provided to aid the patient during recovery. Physical activities will be extremely limited, especially during the first few weeks of healing. A follow-up appointment may be scheduled after surgery.

How Much Do Breast Procedures Cost?

The price of breast surgeries will depend on the chosen breast procedure. The treatment areas and amount of corrections or augmentations made will be considered in the total cost of the breast procedure.

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