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Indianapolis Breast Lift FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the nipple is not detached from the breast glands during this cosmetic procedure, the breast should still function normally. However, for many other biological reasons, some women are unable to breast feed.

If you have a significant history of breast cancer in your family or if you are over 40, a recent mammogram within the last year may be recommended prior to breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery does not increase or decrease your risk of breast cancer.

The price of your mastopexy will depend on a number of factors. The chosen incision technique will impact breast lift cost, as will the amount of tissue removed and the amount of time required to perform the surgery.

Since we are asking the skin to heal with a minimum amount of scarring, as well as other possible healing problems, we should not burden the body with chemicals known to inhibit healing and blood flow. Nicotine, literally, can kill skin. You must be off nicotine, patches, chewing tobacco and nicotine gum for 8 weeks before breast lift surgery.

We know how to set back the clock, not stop it. You will find that a mastopexy gives you natural-looking results that are far better than going without one, and the improvements will be lifelong. However, you will continue to age and experience sagging again over the years. A revision at a later date is a possibility.

There are no additional dangers caused by surgery if you choose to have a piercing.

Sometimes a temporary loss is seen, having mostly to do with swelling. Permanent loss is uncommon.

A breast lift without implants lifts what you have. A breast implant adds volume, nicely shaping the upper breast. Mastopexy and implant placement can be done together or separately. When a breast lift and augmentation are performed during the same procedure, it is known as a breast augmentation with lift. Pairing a breast lift and implants results in only a single healing period.

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