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Indianapolis Chin Augmentation FAQs

Chin Augmentation FAQs

Once the pocket is created by the surgeon, he will place several different sizers or temporary implants to determine which implant will produce the desired cosmetic effect.
Yes, the main goal of chin augmentation surgery is to appropriately increase chin projection which is more noticeable when viewed from the side (profile). However, the width and height of the chin can also be increased if necessary to meet the patient’s goals.
As with any surgery, there is a very small chance of infection or numbness. Uncommonly the implant can be displaced if unwanted contact with the chin occurs in the early healing period.
Because the implant is placed underneath the chin muscle, which is one of the many muscles that move the lips, there may be a temporary change in your smile. This is usually very brief and related to the swelling from surgery. Rarely is there permanent changes in your smile.
The scar is on the underside of the chin, and when it fades it is typically barely noticeable.
The most commonly used material is silicone rubber, as it can be easily shaped if necessary and can be placed through a small incision. This type of implant can also be easily exchanged for another implant in the future if needed to correct for aging changes over time. Trial implants or sizers are used during surgery to accurately determine the exact implant that will produce the desired cosmetic effect.
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