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Body Contouring FAQs

Body Contouring FAQs

Standard liposuction does very little to tighten skin. Depending on your type of skin, it’s possible the skin will sag more once the underlying fat is removed.

Most body contouring scars are lengthy, but many are concealed by clothing.
They differ from each other in age, amount of locations of skin laxity, general health, and in differences related to gender.
Yes, men are very pleased by the changes created through plastic surgery.
For most patients that do not have significant medical problems, or smokers, it is considered to be very safe. Unless a hernia is repaired along with a tummy tuck surgery, all procedures are outside of the muscles and organs.

Breast Lifting alone is successful in raising the nipples, but may fall short in providing fullness of the upper breast. For complete fullness, implants will most likely be suggested by the plastic surgeon.

Newly developed lasers are able to induce minor skin tightening through the mechanism of heat effects on the tissue.
Can’t I do sit ups to tighten the saggy skin on my abdomen? Exercise will not tighten the skin. Exercise burns fat and tones muscle.
Our physicians will be happy to evaluate your skin. Almost all patients have skin that is acceptable for surgery. However , there are associated issues such as diabetes or smoking that seriously impair your ability to heal following surgery.
Our plastic surgeons will help you form a priority list if you haven’t already. The tummy and flank areas are popular starting points because tightening of this area often exerts tightening of adjacent areas such as the inner/outer thigh area.
With dramatic weight loss your skin and deeper tissues change. There is less elasticity and the deep layer of skin called the dermis is thinner. As a result there is a greater degree of relaxation after surgery compared with someone who hasn’t lost as much weight.
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